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Doll Poncho

I’ve got several scrap and partial balls leftover from all the Lion Mandala cakes I’ve been using. Since this yarn is a lighter weight, I though it would be good … Continue reading

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Warmer Ears

Since I’ve been letting my hair be it’s curly self instead of embracing the eternal mountain of frizz, I’ve encountered a problem. I only wash my hair every third or … Continue reading

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So.. Watercolor

Trying my hand at watercolor painting. Haven’t used anything but acrylics in years.. it’s a nice change. Definitely need better paper, this stuff is buckling big time. Not too shabby.

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I’ve been knitting this scarf for WAY longer than I’d like to admit. I love the finished product when knitting, it just takes forever.. I’m so much more patient with … Continue reading

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Homemade Bread

So, I’ve been making my own bread for a couple years now and thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned. I have a bread machine, but I rarely bake … Continue reading

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Star Stitch

Another scarf-like object spawned from a Mandela Cake. This one was meant to be a shorter, snugger infinity. But my kids said it looked like uncooked ground beef … so … Continue reading

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Scarf Kick

Continuing the Mandela scarf kick, younger daughter needs to match older daughter… Really like the colorway in this one. I combined two cakes that had similar colors and blended well. … Continue reading

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