From One Virgo to Another

Cross stitching seems to be where my crafty inspiration is pointed right now.

I started making this one with my Aunt in mind. Our Virgo birthdays are right next to each other and I always think of her when they come around.

Somewhere, on Etsy I think – or maybe Pinterest, I saw something like this. It was a zodiac sign with a little galaxy slice next to it, but I didn’t like the pattern and decided to wing it.

Not a huge fan of trying to blend colors and make a little galaxy. Still not sure I like the outcome.

Took me a minute to get the galaxy slice right. I do like how the constellation came out though, with the silver floss.

I hope she likes it, it’s packaged up and ready to go, no changing it now.

Only thing left to do is make one for myself 👍

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