Crochet Christmas Stockings (a little late)

Since we have this fireplace, or rather while we still have it, I decided to hang the Christmas stockings up… until I discovered half of them were missing! I either threw them out or left them behind in the move, I’ll never know and I hadn’t hung them in years so when they went missing will also be a mystery.

Of course, I made new ones and decided on yarn this time around – the old ones were all sewn (there is probably a post or two documenting them somewhere on here). A little searching resulted in no patterns I liked so I decided to make a larger altered version of the crocheted slippers I may or may not have posted here a while back.

Anywho, pictures and pattern right? No one wants to read me rambling.

I should preface this by saying, I made 6 of these things and didn’t start writing down the pattern until #4, which is the camo/orange one above. I started working on them about 2 weeks before Christmas in between the crazy holiday work schedule, virtual schooling x4, and sleep. I’m positive I was actually sleeping while making the last one – which is mine so it doesn’t matter (the egg shaped teal/white one on the right end of the mantle). Despite the wonkiness of some and the fact that I perfected the pattern in the process, we are keeping them all.

These definitely need a sturdy or doubled up yarn in order to hold their shape while hanging. The 2 I made with og Red Heart (orange/black and camo/orange) held up the best. Also, super soft baby weight sparkly yarn looks cute at first, but after a week on a hook looks more like a wet noodle.

You will need 50 to 60 yards of a worsted weight (4) yarn for the main color and no more than 10 yards of a coordinating color for the heel and top.

These were all worked up hdc (or half double crochet) in the round, with my fav 5.5 Furls hook.

8 hdc into magic circle

Row 1: 2 hdc in each stitch. Ends with 16 stitches.

Row 2: 2 hdc together then 1 hdc, repeat all the way around. Ends with 24 stitches.

Row 3: 2 hdc together then 2 hdc, repeat all the way around. Ends with 32 stitches.

Rows 4 – 17: hdc all the way around. Each row 32 stitches. Finish off.

Heel: (in alternate color)

Count back 8 stitches from seam, 16 hdc turn decrease by 2 for 4 rows. Finish off.

Rows 18 – 32: Continue in the round for 14 rows, which should bring you to 30 stitches – but if you are off and it looks good then keep on going.

Rows 33- 38: continue in the round at 30 stitches (or so) in alternate color. Finish off.

Weave in ends.

I added a 20 stitch 2 row loop, which I sewed on – but you can hang it however you like ;).

Go make one!

*Edit to Add (7/31/21):

I found a pic of the OG stockings I made.. the new ones just don’t compare 😢

I didn’t make the 2 on the left, and the far right. The 5 in the center are my kids, each made special for them.

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