A Crafty Rearview of 2022

I only posted once in 2022, but I certainly made a LOT of stuff. Mostly I posted pics and blurbs on instagram, no patterns or instructions.. definitely not a great year for me.

But here goes, what did I make in 2022? or more accurately, what projects did I photograph in 2022?

Lets start with christmas… made aproximately 1 million tiny stockings for teenagers to stuff with candy canes and chapstick and toss at their teenager friends.. also gave them out as gifts myself – they make adorable tree ornaments.

A few stocking sized stockings to replace the last batch I made that didnt survive the stupid amount of stuff I stuffed them with.. (was on a bit of a color change stripe kick toward the end of the year)

And a couple of the santa hats that got gifted away… (even made one for myself)

A single mini snowflake intended to be the thing I wanted to gift to everyone.. don’t really know why I didnt…

Some cozy hats for all.. many cat ear hats gifted away to happy teens..

My first attempt at the flip octopus..

My youngest daughter’s friends showered her with gifts on her birthday, so much so that thanks were in order so I whipped up these little hearts to hang on a backpack or zipper..

Some halloween fun..

The ramen noodle baby blanket and a lovie, both gifted away..

Relevant PSA from my favorite game…

One of the many things I’ve made for my bestie…

Earrings for a fellow yarn lover..

I only made this top because a friend was asking advice on how to make one and I had to make it to give the right advice.. haha

A couple of the bags I gifted away to friends..

For a summer project, I decided to collect all of the girls legos, sort them, build some favorite sets, and display them.. because why not? Almost everyone in the house participated and we had a lot of fun – one of the boys even pulled his legos out and built some favs! It’s nice to see them living their best lives on shelves intead of in dark corners..

Found a favorite pattern and created a some new ones for my beloved Baby Face dolls.. yeah they are all little witches now.. haha

Memory bear for a friend of a friend.. love the way this one came out..

Forever loving Monster High.. Twyla’s hair re-root (probably the last one I’ll do, my eyes are getting too old for this!) and an AG fan tee (made the shirt with a Liberty Jane pattern and created the svg for the decal which I cut on my cricut).. love it!

Among Us plushies.. 2 different drafts that both got snached and gifted away to teen friends.. I like the pink one better..

And finally some random fashion doll clothes..

so that’s most of what I made in 2022.. lets see if I manage to post anything before the end of 2023.. haha

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