So this year I decided to bring the dream of covering my property in wind chimes/spinners, to life. Simple I know, but anything to brighten the dark, right?

I found this wooden wind spinner at work, on clearance of course..

I had a vision for this thing, and it actually came out exactly as I wanted.. how often does that happen?

So I took it apart, got out my cheap watery acrylics (to really stain this sucker) and got to painting.

I wanna say, excuse my messy work area, but there’s no excuse. I’m a messy artist, I think chaos suits me, and Nobody should apologize for how they create.

Putting it back together and slathering it in Mod Podge was super satisfying.

I covered each block with a coat of satin dishwasher safe mod podge, then after assembled and positioned another 2 coats over the whole thing.

From the left…
… and the right.

Just a note: this is a really roughly cut and cheap project, I really should have sanded each piece.. but I did not and I can tell, however, you can’t see it from the road 👍 and the colors are delicious 🤤 so who cares?

Go make one!!

Note to self:

I probably should be posting everything here instead of just dropping a photo here and there on Instagram. Seeing the stuff I made reminds me that I’m not a complete failure at life.. and occasionally inspires others, bonus! I’ll try harder, I promise. Maybe.

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