Long overdue Boil Perm

I have had this curvy Fashionista #38 since she came out. This was the first curvy Barbie that I got and I instantly labeled her my mini-me. Blue eyes, purple hair.. chunky. Yes please.
I knew eventually they would come out with a curvy m2m body, and that I would just curl the hair and repaint the lips. Well the body I finally replaced last year and called it a day. But today, upon inspecting this poor girl I found serious glue seepage! After several boil washes with oxyclean, rinsing and combing, and plucking crusty floppy glue out of her head.. I finally completed this dolls long awaited transformation!
After removing the lipstick with some acitone, I rolled the hair with some Annie’s short red perm rods. As you can see, instead of rolling with papers I use clear elastics to secure the hair to the rod.. I find this gives me more control in getting the curls perfectly positioned. I had planned on cutting the hair anyway so it was easy to snip the ends right above the elastics.
I positioned the rollers halo-like with the curls all going in the same direction, which is similar to my own curl pattern. Then its 2 10 second dips in just boiled water, and 15 second rinse in cold tap water and we can remove rollers and snip ends.
I really could not have had a better outcome. When I bother to style my curls, this is so similar to how they come out!
And of course the lips were repainted a softer more neutral and sheer color. This was achieved by mixing a drop of shiny varnish with a drop or brown and violet acrylic paints till I got the color I wanted. Then add a drop of rubbing alcohol to really thin it out and it goes on just like lip gloss, dries super fast, and contains its own protective finish. Of course, now I need to design some new clothes.. maybe a gta tee 🤣

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