Potholder Pillowcase

If you crochet, and are on the internet, you’ve likely seen a pattern for ‘super easy potholder’ or ‘one hour potholder’ and even ‘ double thick potholder’. Go ahead and google it. All of those names describe the same thing, a square potholder that works up super quick, with any stitch you like, and is very useful.

It is worked up simply by crocheting a single chain and then going around and around it until your desired size is achieved.

I though it might work to cover a pillow, and I’m pleasantly comfortable with the results. As usual, I used half double crochet here.

The front, right after I finished it.
The back several weeks after it’s been tossed around the living room as a weapon.

As you can see, it’s a viable option for a pillow cover as long as my kids and cats don’t get a hold of it.

Go make one 😉

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