Prefitted Updates!

When I switched servers a while back I lost a lot of content. You can find my updated Prefitted Tutorial here. Thanks to all that reported broken links and missing pictures 🙂 enjoy!

I’m sure most that read here are sick of hearing about my ‘prefolds to fitteds’ journey. But that’s not going to stop me from documenting it. I’m positive there is at least one person out there that will benefit from my research/mistakes!

Ok, so I think I have finalized what I believe is the perfect prefitted. I made some changes to the design in my tutorial and I will be updating the tutorial to reflect them soon. For now I though, I’d just like to show those changes off, because I’m mighty satisfied with the results!

First, I changed the way I do the tabs and decided to cover them with decorative fabric too. Why didn’t I do this to begin with? Well, I like using pins with my fitteds because Luke is able to undo both snaps and velcro. While I do use velcro on my nighttime/outing pockets he’s in coverless fitteds all day while he’s the most active and curious. And my initial thinking was that the extra layer of fabric, be it flannel or cotton weave, would make it thicker than I’d like for pinning. But I tried it and decided I was wrong. Again I like flannel the best because of it’s absorbency and little bit of stretch, but how can anyone resist Alexander Henry’s Apples+Pears (I know it’s a little girly for Luke but I just love this print). Basically all I did here was cut some strips of fabric to match the length of the tabs, sewed right sides together, turned and topstitched. Why didn’t I cut it all in one piece? Well, designer fabric is expensive and diaper cuts tend to waste fabric.

apples pearsprefitted02

The tabs are not perfect but you get the idea, from here the diaper is finished almost exactly the same as in the tutorial. Here is the finished dipe (don’t ya just love this print?):

(ETA: I have since added touchtape to these as well! I really need to find time to update the tut! Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have them!)

apples pearsprefitted01

Action Shot:

apples pearsprefitted03

And just because I love this little embellishment on one of my first prefitteds…




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