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Prefitted Tutorial (Serging Optional!)

When I switched servers a while back I lost a lot of content. You can find my updated Prefitted Tutorial here. Thanks to all that reported broken links and missing pictures 🙂 enjoy!

After playing around with several of the prefold into fitted or ‘prefitted’ tutorials I found on the web, I decided I didn’t care for any of them and developed my own! This can be done with or without a serger if you like and is much less bulky in the legs than some of the other non-sergered prefitted ideas! You will need a fun print for this, I have used both cotton weave and flannel, but find the flannel works much better and provides an extra layer of absorbency. And you only need a little more than you would use if you were just embellishing your prefold. Have fun! (scroll to the bottom if you’d like to see a finished dipe)

Start off by ironing your prefold. It’s much easier to work when it’s non-quilty.. or at least less quilty.


Next you want to fold your prefold in half longwise and trim it down a bit depending on what size prefold you are using. I have premium 4x8x4 (blue serging) ones and having used them already through 2 children I always end up folding them down about 2 inches, all the way to potty training! You may not need or want to do this if your prefolds don’t need any folding. (nevermind my old ripped ironing board cover.. it was my grams, can’t seem to part with it now that she’s gone)


After you get the length you want, it’s time to cut in the tabs. You can make a template or use a pattern you love, either way you want to make sure you leave at least 3/4 of an inch next to the center seams to encase the elastic and turn.


Take the piece you removed, which will become the soaker pad, and line the straight edge up with the opposite end of the prefold. Use the tab you made as a template to make the soaker and extended tabs.



Next you want to shape your extended tabs as you like, either squared or rounded. And here is where you can avoid serging on the tabs. Divide the layers of your extended tabs up and stitch as close as you can to the edge on both, leaving the end you will attach. Turn right side out, iron and set aside. OR just leave them the way they are, as I did and you can serge or zigzag the entire tab later.

Now take the remaining pieces which will become your soaker.


TIP: Before you start sewing change your needle to a heavy duty one, 90/14 or 100/16. These are thick in some areas to sew through and I broke a few needles before I actually walked over to my supply draw to get a heavy needle.

Stitch them up long sides together giving about an inch seam allowance. Open the seam, press and trim the edges. Lay the soaker down on your cotton print/flannel and cut. Line up your soaker and your print, right sides together and sew leaving an opening to turn. Turn right side out, press and topstitch the opening closed. You can topstitch the entire soaker pad if you like. You will most likely end up with a neater looking pad.. unless you are sewing with children running circles around you and sitting on your lap – like me 🙂



Ok, now let’s go back to the tabs. If you left the extended tabs unfinished, just butt the edges together and zigzag. Then surge or zigzag around the raw edges. If you turned them; split the bottom edge of the tabs on the prefold evenly, tuck the raw edges under and press. Then butt the edges together, zigzag and then topstitch the entire tab.


Mark where you want your elastic, this will be different depending on how chunky of a thigh you are dealing with :). Use your favorite pattern or diaper for a guide.


Then split the layers of material evenly between your markings, just like you did if you turned your tabs, and “blind stitch” your elastic in – stretching tightly as you go. OR you can tack it down at the markings because once you add your decorative fabric it will create a casing. Before you put your elastic in you will want to cut a strip of your decorative fabric. Cut it the length of the prefold with an inch added and the width of the front with an inch added.


This is what it should look like when you are done if you zigzagged your elastic:


Next sew your soaker in. There are a few different ways you can do it. I opted for petal style, which seems to be best for faster drying times. But you can also stitch down the middle. Placement of the pad is totally up to you, I placed mine towards the front because rear end of my kids diapers are always dry (boy or girl), but you may want it more in the middle.


Take your decorative fabric and line the right side up with the inside of the diaper, fold your soaker out of the way so you don’t sew over it and pin the fabric down to where you started your elastic or where the wing for the tab begins.


Make sure you pin and stretch it out evenly so you get the same amount of fabric overlap on each side. If you did not zigzag your elastic down then you will need to make sure it is tucked in good as not to sew over it. Then sew it up the sides and across the front, remembering not to go further than the wing. Go back over the edge of the seam you just made with a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying and create a stronger seam. Then turn it right side out and press.



If you want, you can add elastic to the back now. I normally don’t because it never makes much of a difference for me. But I added it this time, just zigzag a piece down pulling tightly across the thick part of the prefold.


Take the flap of decorative fabric and fold it in about half an inch or however much overlap you have to meet the seam, press then topstitch.


And that’s it! Your done!

Clear as mud? 🙂 (one of my dance teachers used to say that all the time with new choreography)

TIP: When washing, make sure you use a normal or gentle spin setting. I accidentally left my machine on a heavy duty spin setting and frayed the 2 prefitteds I had in that load. They aren’t ruined and I can fix them, but it could have been avoided.





All pinned up! (excuse the loose threads, my cat took it for a drag around the house while I was tending to something else.. haha)


And of course, the action shot of the elusive Lucas bolting through our bedroom curtain! (yes we have a door but these kids always open it!).. excuse the unvacuumed floor.. can’t vacuum and sew all in one day.. haha


Here’s a couple shots of one with a cotton print. I made this one without back elastic and the leg elastic was not zigzagged down. Also I used plain white flannel to cover the soaker pad instead of the Thomas print because it is softer and more absorbent.




11 comments on “Prefitted Tutorial (Serging Optional!)

  1. VioletMoonDancer7
    June 22, 2009

    Whenever I see your washable diapers, I always wish I had taken some sewing classes instead of filling up all my “home economics” credits with foods classes.  MAN, I could just kick myself!  LOL  We spend $12-20 a week on disposable diapers (depending on whether we get Pampers or Parent’s Choice).  I have a single package of prefolds for emergencies, but I can’t find the little plastic pants to go over them ANYWHERE! (I haven’t looked online yet).  I’ve looked into buying prefitted diapers … I would need at least a dozen and would have to buy new sizes as he grows.  I thought about using a diaper service for environmental reasons, but they charge a little more than what we spend on diapers even when we buy the Pampers.  My point… the fabric ones are a penny saver if you can make them yourself, but if you have to buy them, it’s a big initial cost that I just can’t afford.  $20 at a time each week is about all we can handle.   I’m glad you honed your sewing skills and are able to make these for your kids.  It’s awesome!  I’m jealous as usual.  LOL  ❤ SuZ 

  2. hatcherbee
    June 22, 2009

    Well, you know when I started out cloth diapering I had nothing but 24 crappy Gerber prefolds and 6 Dappi vinyl pants. I spent abut 40 bucks in total, which diapered my daughter for about a year and I mostly handwashed them myself in our kitchen sink daily or very occasionally at the laundromat. Of course now I know of better ways and cheaper ways (since I sew) and of course over time I’ve been able to save and get better prefolds and then even better ones (which I’m now revamping.. haha) and awesome material. Really though, for what will have eventually diapered 3 children, I’ve spent under $400 on my own kids diapers and that’s without including all the money I’ve made on the ones I sell. If I factored in my profits, I got paid to diaper my kids.. haha!If you really want to save money and use cloth I have an arsenal (seriously) of things I will never use again and I’d be more than happy to send them to you for nothing and give you any instruction you could possibly need. I’ve honestly been searching for someone to donate these things to, I hate seeing them unused.And thanks for the props!

  3. Angieprays
    July 9, 2009
  4. princess_deidre
    July 20, 2009

    I’m impressed! I’m not a sew-er, unfortunately, but maybe my mom could make sense of it. She has gone sewing nuts ever since she found out I was expecting. She used to make clothes for my sister and I but had stopped years ago (probably due to the hectic nature of being a working mom). Now she’s made 2 quilts and a cradle blanket for my little one and is working on another quilt for my sister in law’s baby and quilts for all the cousins for Christmas!

  5. hatcherbee
    July 20, 2009

    @princess_deidre@momaroo – Thanks! If your mom is experienced and enjoys sewing like I do, this would be cake for her. If she’s itching to sew baby things (and I know how that feels since I’m currently pregnant too.. haha) and she gives this a whirl, let me know how you like them. I LOVE them so much on my son that I’m now working my way through my infant prefold stash and turning them all into girly little fitteds.. since I just found out it’s another girl and this is our last!

  6. rp_panda
    July 21, 2009

    I’ll have to remember this for when my husband and I have a baby.  We would love to go the cloth route.

  7. cutler
    May 14, 2011

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  9. buy term papers
    April 18, 2012

    Wow, this is amazing! It looks easy to do but I’m pretty sure it’ll be difficult once I start making one. But the idea is quite practical, washable diaper, just amazing! 🙂

  10. bestacademicessays
    July 12, 2013

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