Sewing a Prefold into a Fitted

This is my first attempt at turning one of my precious Unbleached DSQ Cotton Prefolds (that I treasure) into a fitted.

I loosely used this tutorial, though I debated using this one. I’m not sure I like the one I made just yet and I am going to try the other tut as soon as I have a chance and maybe add a decorative cotton print to the outside as well. Cause let’s face it, fluffy butts gotta be cute!

This project was surprisingly easy, when I initially looked over the tut I used I was thinking that it would be much harder. Must be the way she worded it because, it ended up only taking me about 7 minutes to complete. For the template, I used the fitted pattern I drafted in January when I tweaked and revamped the RRP, since the fit of my fitteds is awesome on Luke. Though I am not pleased with the way the leg elastic came out – partly because I did not follow the tutorial exactly and partly because these prefolds are VERY thick. I did not add rear elastic, really because I forgot, but I have found that it’s really not needed during the day. The fit is nice and trim, it is clearly going to be more absorbent all around and Luke seems to like it (but then, he’s never really protested anything I’ve put on him thus far).

I couldn’t get an action shot because the batteries in my camera expired in the midst of trying to get it, but I did get a couple shots of the finished product. Soon as the batteries charge I will add an action shot.. unless he uses it, then that will have to wait till after it’s been washed.. haha šŸ™‚





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