Broken Crayons?

Weather you have a house full of kiddos like me or just one, you’ve got crayons. I don’t know about your kids, but prior to my making them all their own little crayon rolls, we had a crayon mess all the time. The box we kept them in got dumped out often and crayons got broken on a regular basis. Of course this doesn’t happen anymore, but I still have a box half full of broken crayons collecting dust and I despise waste!

So I went in search of ideas for those crayon bits and after finding tutorials like this in about 100 different blogs I decided I’d try it.. my own way of course. I feel I must mention this tutorial though, because it was different. I would have done something like it but ended up not having enough crayon bits to make it work.

Everything I read said preheat oven to 350 and break out the muffin tin. But since I always put my oven on hiatus over the summer and use it as a storage shed for baking pans, I used the toaster oven instead and I didn’t preheat it. I also used my mini muffin pan instead of the regular one.. sadly I don’t use the mini much so I didn’t mind getting crayon bits in it.


So I peeled, broke up and evenly distributed my crayon bits into my mini muffin pan. Only had enough bits to fill 6 little cups but that’s ok. Slid it into the toaster oven, put in on 350 and about 5 minutes later I had little bowls of crayon soup that smelled .. well they smelled like something alright. Stuck the pan into the fridge and about 15 minutes later we had 6 little crayon cakes that resembled smallish peanut butter cups.


I must say, they are a big hit! This was an amusing thing to do on a rainy morning that ended up keeping them quiet and occupied for over an hour! (which is an amazing thing in momland!)


ETA 7/3/09: My almost 11 month old oddly didn’t try to eat these! He actually sat at the table with us and was rubbing them on the paper!!


  1. @VioletMoonDancer7 – That is a great idea too! I never really got into making candles, though I know there is a whole world of crafty goodness there! When my older son was in grammer school I helped him with a history project on candle making, I think the theme was 18th century or something. We did tapers and it was a lot of fun – I love crafting with the kids.

  2. @hatcherbee – oooh I love tapers!  I used to have a mold for them, but I’ve never had a lot of success with molds.  Tapers are the only ones that come out right for me.  LOL  There’s always the “dipping” method of making tapers too.  That’s where you get a long wick and dip it into the wax, let it dry, dip again, let dry… until the taper is the size you want it.  Much more time consuming, but there are all sorts of neat tricks like layering colors.   I usually put my candles in jars or votive cups, or use a large pillar mold and carve simple sculptures (the Goddess Venus is my favorite).  

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