No, it’s not a dream…

It’s dreamy new fluff  for a Lukie butt!!



Fresh from the dryer and stuffed to squishyness are the brandspankin’new pockets I made just for Lucas.. and I must admit, I LOVE them all.

With my hectic schedule I was only able to pump 2 of these puppies out per day in the last 3 days. I woke up before 5am each day, sat here at my desk with my sewing machine at the ready and cranked them out! Since they were already cut it only took me about 30 minutes per 2.

These are my first pocket diapers using polyurethane film, which you can find here at I like Wazoodle because they have great prices, a large assortment of diaper fabrics and some awesomely unique things like Zorb. What I don’t like about them is their insanely slow shipping .. and for some things, like zorb, their waytoohigh shipping prices. All in all though, I am supremely satisfied with my .. er, I mean Luke’s new pocket diapers made from some of the things I’ve waited almost 3 months for from Wazoodle!

When making pocket diapers, I normally use solid color PUL (which is a polyurethane laminated polyester knit fabric) and never before used an outer cotton print because they tend to wick that way. After thinking about it though, and foregoing crazy dreams filled with complicated co-ops to have things laminated, I decided I’d try the film and see what I could do myself. Once again I surprised myself…

I used my pocket pattern and cut one out of each print, then cut 6 out of the film. I laid out each print with the film on the back, topped it with a layer of wax paper and ran my iron across it on a very low setting (like the setting you would use to iron tulle) and I ended up with six polyurethane lined cotton weave diaper cuts! (I realize I could have just laminated the fabric first and then cut them out together but with so many different prints I felt I’d end up wasting film)

For inners I have a mix of printed minky fleece, brown and white suedecloth and ivory microfleece. I also used 1 inch touchtape/aplix instead of my normal 1 1/2 inch because I have goads of it and haven’t been using it.

I thought for sure I’d have a mess of bubbly cotton in the dryer after that first wash, but it was fine! I am particulary fond of the batman and apple prints!


  1. Hi i have a question. is it right that the pul you found on wazoodle, is made for iron heat?. i am looking for PUL wich can be iron-on heated at minkee. and if i read the details about the wazoodle product, it says that the PUL is  is a “free floating layer” – but have you iron heated it on?

  2. @DK – You read right, I successfully ironed it on. But they do not reccomend it over at Wazoodle. I don’t know how it would work with minkee, since I used woven cotton but they have been washed 4 times since I made them and I can’t see any seperation so far. What I did first was test it. I cut a one inch square, placed it on a piece of scrap fabric (woven cotton of course), put the wax paper down over it and ironed very lightly on my iron’s lowest setting. If I had some minkee lying around I’d test it for you, but I don’t.Try it out, if it doesnt work then you can still use it as a sandwich layer. Let me know what happens!

  3. Thank you so much for helping me, ive been searching around on the internet for hours with no luck. i will definetly try it out. but can you tell me what “wax paper” is? and where to buy it?. and how much thicker is the fabric with the PUL on,  when you use this method?

  4. No problem! THAT is why I write this stuff out.. so it hopefully helps someone out there!Wax paper is commonly used in cooking because it’s non-stick. I use it on my old baking sheets when I make cookies so I don’t have to fight with the pan to get them off.. haha. You can find it in any grocery store where they keep plastic wrap and aluminum foil. I use it when I iron tulle too, just in case.. I had a tulle disaster once that was no fun getting off the iron!I got the 1mil poly film, so adhered to cotton weave it really is no thicker than actual PUL.

  5. ha ha, now i know what it is i am from denmark, and my english is not wat is has been.. first i thought it was some kind og wax-glue or something. i have already ordered some 1.25 pul, the 1mm was sold out. do you think there is a big difference?

  6. Shouldnt be too much difference.. I’ve worked with 2mil PUL and that’s not too much different than 1mil. The 2 mil is just a tiny bit stiffer when it’s new, that’s all I ever noticed.

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