American Girl Sewing: Monster High Costume!! FREE vest pattern!

I don’t even want to tell anyone how long I’ve been working on this one! Been so busy and so fried lately (thanks thyroid!) that I only got to work on this in 15-20 minute spurts every couple of days over the last few weeks! But I finally FINALLY finished it, and I am so very happy with it!

Before I started this I had been making lots of small doll clothes, mostly Monster High and I was thinking I needed to make something for one of my American Girl dolls. Both of them were gathering dust on the shelf in the last outfits I made! I grabbed Sage and I think it took me all of 3 second to decided I was making a Draculaura inspired costume!

Here’s the final product:


Believe it or not, the hardest part of this was drafting the vest. I made 4 mock ups before finalizing the pattern and cutting into that shiny pink stuff! It is fully lined, but I cheated on the buttons (I hate making button holes.. shh) there are two hidden snaps behind the top and bottom buttons. Works out great for play though, much easier for little hands to take on and off – and let me tell you, since taking this picture, this outfit has had a go on every single doll my daughters could fit it on!

Want to make the vest? AG Draculaura Vest Pattern

The shirt is a simple quarter sleeve tee, white bodice with black sleeves embellished with two gathered strips of lace. One strip is stitched down the middle front and the other around the neckline, worked out great.

The skirt has big pleats and I lined it with a lightweight iron on interfacing to hold the pleats. Underneath those pleats is 2 layers of the same lace I used on the shirt, lightly gathered and sewn right into the waistband.

The leggings were tights I had made from an old pair of yoga pants. I trimmed them up to capri length because, well I thought it looked cooler.

All in all this would not have taken very long if I weren’t so picky about the darn vest! Still I keep looking at it and wishing I went with 2 buttons instead of three, but I really liked the way 3 looked best. I am so loving this outfit! An American Girl wearing Monster High, so cool!

Happy Sewing!


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