Snazzy New Doll Clothes (patterns now uploaded!)

It is absolutely amazing how fast my head cleared after I dropped the kids off for the first day of school. Suddenly I was able to get so much more done! Lucas and Raven have been consistently playing with eachother, without fighting, ALL DAY LONG! No interruption from older siblings must be the key.. haha

So, with a larger miniscule chunk of free time available to me I got to work on my mini sewing skills!

Most of what I’m going to show you here has been completed over the last two days. There are more items I would have liked to photograph but I couldn’t pry them out of my daughters hands.. sooo

Group shot of what I could:

The theme here was fairy oriented, what with the girls sorta momentarily obsessed with Winx Club and the Disney Fairies! I was aiming to make some cool fairy duds for every size doll we have. The one below on Rochelle is my favorite, needs some tweaking, but the overall design is firmed up and I have a pattern about ready for PDF (yay).


This is probably my favorite MH doll, second wave Dead Tired Draculaura.. I just love her face. The dress she is wearing is from the same pattern as above without all the detail in the bodice and less of a boaty neckline… looks great on her.

MH Dress Bodice Pattern PDF (no instructions are included and this is only the bodice, embellishments and skirt length/fullness is up to you)


I made quite a few tees for the Bratz Boys, this one I made earlier in the summer but it’s one of my favorite knit prints. It’s a one piece pattern, so so easy. I didn’t design it, I found it somewhere.. HERE and I altered it just a tad.. perfect fit, comes together in mere minutes!


My Scene Barbie’s got it goin on in her one shouldered fairy dress, this one also ended up being a one piece pattern design.. with a HECK of a lot of tweaking I managed to draft one to fit her (or the ‘belly button’ barbie), Rapunzel beneath her which is one of the newer lighter hard plastic Disney dolls and the Bratz body – both tall and short. I’ve got to scan the patterns yet, this one is pretty simple too.


Might I just add here that I do not like sewing with organza. Really really do not like it and I wish I didn’t have so darn much of it!

One Piece Barbie Dress Pattern (there are no instructions, just the one piece bodice pattern, embellishments are up to you)


And finally on Catrine here, another simple tube design on some nice slinky stretchy fabric. It looks fabulous on Cleo too. So so easy; measure and stitch up the tube in the back, cut the top on an angle and cut a small slit on the higher end to slip the arm through. Looks so awesome, I need more fabric like this! It rolls so nicely for a perfect edge …. need to hit the thrift shops!


Case in point: I just wrestled this away.. how awesome does Cleo look!? Same fabric too.. stuff is way cool on the small scale, any bigger and it’s SUPER tacky! Added a little gold webbing down at the bottom for some extra glam.. wish I could get away with wearing stuff like this.. haha

Granted it looks better in natural sunlight, but beggars can’t be choosy an all…


So there you have it, most of what I’ve been up to creatively.. someone remind me to post the patterns!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Hey, I love these dresses, they are soooooo cute! Can you please post the patterns for these. I make stuff for my little sister and she would love these dresses.

  2. Those dollies look so cute in their new dresses! Thank you for posting the patterns. If you make any dresses for the Disney fairies could you please post the patterns.

    • I have found that the Disney Fairies bodies are very similar to barbie’s Skipper and Bratz bodies. There are lots of patterns out there for both of those, plus if you downsize all the Blythe patterns about 1/4 inch they fit too!

    • Sorry for this late response.. I don’t know how I missed your comment!
      I’m pretty sure its called Scribble Skulls and I got it off either or maybe 3 years ago. It’s a higher quality quilting fabric but I no longer have a selvage piece to give you more info 😦

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