American Girl Sewing: Nightgown and Rainbow Dress

So, today was a much better day for sewing. I dragged the kids to the library, Walmart, stopped for lunch and then went food shopping! Suffice it to say, they were beat when we got back and chilled out in their air conditioned rooms for almost two hours before going bonkers again!

That uninterrupted two hours gave me just enough time to put all those creative juices I had yesterday to some actual good use!

These two doll garments I made today were inspired by two pattern pieces from the Samantha’s Pretty Clothes collection of patterns from the Pleasant Doll Company.

First up, from an old hand-me-down pajama top, a Hello Kitty summer nightgown.


I used the Samantha’s Party Dress Bodice front and back for this. I added 6 inches to the length and extended the width out in a slim A Line. I utilized the hem from the pajama top for the bottom hem, serged along the arm and neckholes and topstitched. The back is stitched up 4 inches from the bottom with touchtape closing the rest.

And because Raven had to have one for Rapunzel too..


This is simply a section of the sleeve from the pajama top with two slits cut for armholes. Nothing was finished, but of course it was a hit!

This dress is a hit with me, I just adore it. This kind of cutie patootieness is exactly what I was going for yesterday!


Again, all I used were the bodice front and back pieces. I added a gathered skirt with embellishments that is 25 inches around and 7 inches long. The cute little embellished cap sleeves were a happy afterthought. Like the nightgown, the back is stitched 4 inches from the bottom and the rest is closed with touchtape.

Both pairs of shoes came from Michael’s, about $3 a pair.


I wish I paid closer attention to the hem, but all in all I am in love with this dress! I think my dolls are happy too.. I know Sage is!

Happy Sewing!

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