How to know when you shouldn’t sew.

You ever have one of those days when you feel like if you don’t do something creative you will explode? Today was that day, but I should have ignored it.

I’ve been kinda sick for the last two weeks, more so over the last week. Pretty sure I had an ear infection (thank goodness for Hylands ear drops) and pink eye so I just stayed in all week. Didn’t do too much and tried to rest (har har).

So this morning I wake up, feeling less icky and decide triumphantly “I’m making a new doll outfit today”. After which a series of unfortunate things happened before I even got to my fabric stash. Stubbed my toe before I even got out of my bedroom and should have turned around right there, but no, instead I went to the kitchen where I made a cup of coffee and spilled it before getting to the table. Made another cup and dropped the whole thing, breaking the mug before taking two steps.. and on and on it went until finally after lunch I sat down and cut some fabric.

I can’t even tell you what I was thinking. Really I can’t. I know I wanted to make a little ruffled skirt and some kind of embellished tank or sleeveless shirt to match.

This is what I got:


Can you see the pain on Sage’s face? I can, and I’m sorry.

The skirt itself is a perfect fit and I will be making more in some less awful fabric combinations. I mean, I love that brown print but its too big for doll stuff and looks pukey with that green.

The sleeveless top, oh man don’t even get me started. I had an issue with my overlock wanting to eat it, first of all.. the flower though? I just don’t even know. The only thing I can possibly blame it on is Jem. As in Jem and the Holograms, my girls have been obsessed with the cartoon and my old dolls lately. Of course I have to sit and watch (and sing) with them and that show was Totally 80’s. Obnoxious 80’s, which you can kindof see reflected in this train wreck of an outfit I made today.

Please, don’t make the same mistake I did today. When the universe is telling you to take your butt back to bed, just go back to bed.

Happy sewing 🙂

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