Doll Sewing: Monster High and Bratz!

This may be my last post docked here on Xanga.. I’m having serious anxiety over trucking 7+ years of content into my barren wordpress.. ugh.

Until then, some doll sewing!

Last weekend, while tending to my flowers up by our mailbox, a couple from up the street came running over toting a bag. Which was unnerving since I didn’t know them yet! They spent the weekend cleaning house and gathered up a pile of stray dolls their teenaged daughters no longer play with.. and gave them all to my girls! How sweet, right? Not that this house should really have another doll in it, but what could I do? So we thanked them, made new friends and skipped away with our treasure 🙂

In the bag were a few Bratz dolls, which we never had before. The majority of barbie sized dolls my girls have were mine and  consist mostly of actual Barbies and Jem dolls! I only recently added to that collection with some Monster High dolls, so we were really excited checking them out and wanted to dress them up but there were no clothes in the bag that fit. So of course I had to make some!

I started with this Blythe pattern I found and played around with it until it worked!

To make this pattern work for Bratz dolls I simply cut the entire seam allowance off. Instead of closing the whole back up with touchtape though, I zigzagged about an inch and a half from the bottom and used a very small piece of touchtape at the top.

It really fits perfect and I like that it’s not skin tight and hoochalicious 🙂

Different fabric with some lace and embroidery embellishments.

Aaaand of course the girls insisted I make something for the Monster High dolls too..

This is simply a knit tube. I measured the widest part of the dolls waist with the fabric, cut, added straps of 1/4 inch elastic and stitched it up. Like a 5 minute project and Clawdeen looks adorable.

Did the same for Cleo, sans the straps. She looks good and snooty in it right? haha

Ghoulia is actually sporting something I took the time to draft right onto her. Totally fitted bodice; darts and all; with a long gathered skirt. The bodice closes with touchtape and it is embellished with black ribbon at the straps and bottom hem.

I have seen some seriously wicked sewing out there for these gals, specifically the Blythe dolls and I am newly inspired to up my game.. now to find some itsy bitsy buttons and such.. stay tuned..

Happy Sewing!

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