Girl Scout Court of Awards

I saved as many awards and patches as I could (you know Girl Scouts loves their patches!) for our little Court of Awards. I made them all something special with inspiration from some things I spotted on Pinterest; these cute hair clips here on Etsy and this flower pot award.

Putting my own spin on things, I decided to go with little mason jelly jars instead of terra cotta pots. I used my sewing machine to embroider each girls name on ribbon and lined each jar with paper that I printed out a trefoil design on. I hot glued the mason lid to the bottom and tucked a bit of floral foam inside to hold everything. I hot glued everything to popsicle sticks and colored dowels (which I just happened to have a ton of) and it all came together nicely.

For the hair clips, I assumed they were put together with glue but after I found that to be way too thick and cumbersome to put in hair so I hand sewed them. This turned out to be time consuming but was very simple to do.

First I cut all the ribbon and arrainged it in the order I wanted, then simply folded them over and stacked them on the needle, like this:


Then I just fanned them out right on the needle and pulled it through.


Sewing the button through all the layers of ribbon wasn’t easy on my fingers, I suggest using a thimble 🙂

Then I hot glued them onto a small barrette and clipped them to the colored dowels.


I think they came out pretty cute.


I forgot to take a picture of them all before I handed them out! Whoops! 3 girls didn’t make the meeting.. but the rest of them were very happy with their awards! I can’t wait to come up with something for next year, it was fun celebrating all their hard work!



Happy Scouting 🙂



One comment

  1. Nicole, this is the cutest idea ever! You are such a great crafter, and Great Girl Scout Leader! Thank you for all you do for the girls 🙂

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