Dolly Dipes! Free Pattern! (updated links)

Once again I have broken links here, let’s fix that:

Dolly Dipe PDF Pattern

The pictures below may not be showing up, I am working on that ongoing problem.


I have perfected my dolly diaper pattern and I’m going to share it! You can download the PDF sewing pattern file here.



This diaper fits every doll and stuffed toy we’ve got in the house!

Here it is on Build-A-Bear’s Hello Kitty:


Here it is on a small dollar store dolly – and while it’s a tad big, it still works:


Here it is on one of the Fisher Price baby dollies:


Here it is on Dr. Seuss’s Hop on Pop:


Happy Sewing!


  1. Very cute~ I love to see what your sewing on! Thanks for sharing!Hey I ‘ve been looking for a One size diaper cover pattern do you know of a good one, I’ve never seen one in my hands only online and I have had a few people want them and I have to turn them away cause I have no idea how they work….Just wondering it seems like you may be the one to ask :O)

  2. @sailing5 – Thanks.This is why I came to love side snapping dipes, SO much easier for one-size and a lot less snaps since your levels are on the wings instead of all over the front! However, there is a great pattern floating around out there called the Sprout Snap and it’s meant to be a one-size diaper cover .. I can’t find it online anywhere.. BUT I have it and uploaded it here for ya: really is a great pattern, very trim and versatile but you can just use it as a template for placement of the size-down snaps. I made a few pockets with it myself and found it to be almost an exact copy of the original Goodmama fitteds, which may be why I can’t find it online anymore! If you are looking to buy a pattern, this one hands down, is the best. The Quick Wrap style one is identical to the Thirsties covers with gussets – which I love! I made hundreds of them, so easy! But these are sized, though could be easily turned into a one-size using the large pattern and the snap template from the Sprout Snap. is a really great pattern also and aided me in trainer design too, well worth the money if you find it.. and Joann actually carries this brand of patterns in some of their stores so you may get lucky the next time you trek out there!BTW, I left you a comment on your sewing blog. I don’t know if it went through, but I love the swimsuits and undies too! Great idea with the swimsuits! I was making undies a few months ago for my youngest.. been meaning to post it too.. haha I hope all this rambling was helpful!

  3. @hatcherbee – THANKS A TON! I tried to down load the sprout snap last night but google said it was not their anymore when I clicked the links from several different sites so this will help me get an idea how to do the snap thing, but still use my cover?!!I will look at Jo anns if I ever get their again, it goes forever sometimes between visits to there ;O)I guess your comment did not go through but thanks I do enjoy making the swim suits they just take a lot of time, but the undies I LOVE making them! So fast and easy, plus they shouldn’t fall apart as fast as the store bought ones that seem to fall apart almost as soon as the fist washing sometimes(I guess we get cheap undies) Thanks again what a big help! Kim

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