Sewing Snakes!

Ever since Zack went to the Bronx Zoo on a class trip and came back with a stuffed snake I have been plagued with requests from Lucas and Raven to make look-a-likes! Today was a stinky day. So stinky that I decided to push everything aside and sew something fun!

Snakes suddenly moved to the top of my to-do list!

Fleece, buttons and ribbon were all it took to throw these two together really fast.

Really simple; cut snake shapes out of fleece, sew right sides together, turn, stuff and sew buttons for eyes! They are stuffed with serger scraps too, I save and find a use for everything! haha

I think they like them!

I’m glad I cleared my schedule to get these smiles!

Nothing beats fun times with fleece snakes.. haha

Happy Sewing all 🙂


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