Girl Scout Swaps: Mini Yarn Dolls!

For those of you that may not know, I am my daughter’s Girl Scout Daisy troop leader. Last night, our service unit held a World Thinking Day event – which was great fun!

For that event, I made some swaps!

Mini yarn dolls, that quite honestly look like little voodoo dolls to me… haha …but were simple to put together.


I finally got myself a good camera! So I decided to do a picture tutorial to try it out.. I’m still learning how to use it so excuse the different looking pictures 🙂

For this project you will need:

1 skein of yarn (depending on how big you make them you can probably get 100 out of one average sized one)


mini elastics (optional)

safety pins and tags (for swaps!)

So, I used a piece of cardboard about 3 inches high. Really I just tore a flap off a 12pk seltzer box. Worked perfect!

Take your yarn and wrap it around the cardboard, I found that 25 times was enough.


Cut a few inches of yarn and slip it under what you’ve wrapped around the cardboard.


Then tie.


Cut the yarn free from the cardboard on the opposite end that you tied.


Take a small elastic – I used the little colored hair elastics for girls – and wrap it around 4 or 5 times to make the  head. You can also just use a few inches of yarn, but I found the elastic made it go much faster and if you are making swaps that’s helpful.


Separate a few strands on each side for the arms.


Use another elastic (or yarn) for the body.


Then tie off the arms with yarn and trim.


You could tie off legs too, but I thought they were cuter this way.


And there you have it, mini yarn doll swaps!

Happy Scouting!!


  1. I’ll be using this craft for an adult day health program that I work for. Our participants have waning skills because of arthritis, injury, or dementia. Of course their ability varies so I can usually count on a few as helpers. I love the pin idea! Thanks for using your new camera!

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