Free MamaCloth Patterns! UPDATE

I was recently informed my free patterns had broken links! I fixed the links!

I’ve designed 2 patterns that are pretty similar but do provide different protection. The first is more contoured and the second is squared and provides a bit more coverage for nights.

Contour Pad Pattern PDF

Overnight Pad Pattern PDF

These patterns do not have seam allowance. As you may know, I like to trace my patterns with washable marker and cut my seam allowance around the line. However, both of these patterns can be put together two different ways and the second does not need seam allowance.

The first way you can assemble these is turn and topstitch, which you will need seam allowance for. You will need at least two layers for both the pad and the wings. I like to use fleece on the bottom of the wings because it is more comfortable to me, but you can use your favorite waterproof/repelling fabric and even double it up. For the pad, the absorbency is your choice. I like to use a few layers of Warm n Natural cotton batting and a nice soft cotton or bamboo velour on top and flannel on the bottom. I also like flannel with a zorb core, but really the choice is yours on fabrics and how many layers you like. When I use batting I like to quilt the layers together to avoid bunching and sandwich it between the velour and flannel. Once you have your fabric picked and cut, put right sides together, stitch em up all the way around and snip a small hole in the center of each on the bottom of the pad and the top of the wings. Turn them both out through the hole and finger press. Then topstitch the wings. I like to do a 3 step zig-zag down the center of the pad and then topstitch the pad onto the wings.

The second way to assemble is much easier and you will need a serger. Cut out the pad pieces, quilt together, zig-zag down the center and serge all the way around. Simply cut the wings out of a single layer of heavy polar fleece and topstitch the pad right to that! Super easy!

Happy Sewing!

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