Weekend Sewing: The Quilted Pear

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and we are having a little party for her today. I was looking through Google Images in search of ideas for a party themed table runner (which I’d like to make) when I came across this cute little idea for a pear shaped trivet or hot plate.. and so I had to make one for my mom!

This was one of those super quick throw together things that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and have to make myself like a dozen more! Now, I’m not a quilter though I have I have done my fair share of piecing things together.  This is in more of a crazy style, nothing measured at all and to quilt I just swirled out from the center. I made my own bias tape and added the loop and button to simulate a leaf.

Oh my gosh, I just love this, hope she likes it as well!

Happy Sewing!

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