Weekend Sewing: American Girl jackets, shirts and skirts (oh my)

I spent one night this weekend sewing into the wee hours, ALL doll clothes!

First up, jackets.

I drafted this simple pattern based off the many jackets I’ve made for my kids in the past, just scaled down. They are both all fleece with one poly snap to close. I considered more snaps or buttons for authenticity (and I may go back and add them) but was tired and left it at one :). I extended the sleeves on the black one and reversed the hem so I could flip them up and I really like the way that looks. My daughter loves the Hello Kitty one, but we agree it looks more like a bathrobe and I may make a little tie for it and remove the snap!


Next, shirts and skirts.


The shirt here is Liberty Jane’s free Trendy Tee pattern. The fabric just happened to be perfect and looks like a graphic tee! I painted some holo glitter over the skull, which you probably can’t see but it looks neat.

The sparkly skirt is a simple 5” x 40” rectangle, bottom hem is a wide zigzag and waist is folded over half an inch with 10 1/2 inches of elastic threaded through. 

The ‘leather’ skirt is a wrap skirt and I found the pattern at YouCanMakeThis.com but I did not follow the instructions. I found this piece of pleather the last time I was at JoAnn and intended on making some cool black boots with it, but thought a leather skirt would be cool. This fabric is thick, heavy and already lined so I did not cut a lining and turn it out as the tutorial suggests. Instead I cut out the single piece, serged around the entire edge then folded the serging over and topstitched. The pattern also suggests very large pieces of touchtape to close, which would probably be fine with the lining but I did not want to have that odd stitching on the front of my skirt so I opted for much smaller pieces attached near the waist and it works just fine.

And the tights were babylegs!


The raglan is the doll version included in my fav All the Rage Raglan pattern but I left off the neckband. Worn backwards it makes a nice little cardigan too! The hat is actually a newborn hat, one of my kids wore it home from the hospital Fits perfect! The HK shirt is the LJ Trendy pattern again. 

More to come!

Happy Sewing!

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