90’s Nail Art!

Last week I cleaned out my sewing desk and found a bunch of lost treasures! I have a stack of old metal Sucrets boxes that I keep needles, pins and buttons in – or what I thought were buttons. Turns out I traded those buttons for my old display nail art! These things are from like 1992-93 and some of them are funny so I’m sharing!

I used to love to paint at one time in my life and when my canvas shrunk to nails I loved it even more, but some of these are godawful! haha

I actually remember painting the one on the right many times though I can’t remember what inspired it!

My phone camera is not what it used to be, so you probably can’t see the detail but the one on the right was popular too.. actually any marbling was. I have no excuse for the one on the left though.. haha totally 90’s!

I look at these now and can’t imagine ever thinking they looked good.

I was, at one time, partial to beach or sunset scenes on my own nails. Back then my nails were dragonlady length, I don’t know how I managed!

That moon! I can’t even look at it!

I used to hot glue them to this little board, they would occasionally melt a little and get misshapen.. oops! And apparently I was ok with that! haha

Hope you all got a laugh out of this!




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