Weekend Sewing: Fleece Raglan Jacket

Sometimes it’s so cold out everyone needs their big puffy coats with hats and gloves. Then we have days where it’s just not cold enough for that and the kids end up sweating in their puffy coats. I’ve made fleece jackets before for those in between days, but this time I used my trusty All The Rage Raglans pattern! 

I pilfered Walmart’s remnant bin of every single piece of fleece in there and came back with over 5 yards worth for under $8! I started with Ravens because she needed it the most and used 2 layers of fleece throughout. The pattern is made exactly the same, with hood, and the only variation is the front piece is extended an inch and cut in half instead of on the fold. I should have taken pictures while putting it together because explaining it will sound complicated, though it was very simple. When I make another I might come back and add pictures again.

I used poly resin snaps to close and just serged the hems with pastel variegated thread, which I think looks cute. It is very soft and actually very warm, just what she needed!

I don’t care what anyone says, she is the most hilarious little girl around! Love my little ham!

Stay warm and happy sewing!





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