Weekend Sewing: American Girl tights from Baby Legs!

Even if you don’t cloth diaper you most likely use baby legs, or little baby leg warmers. Those awesome little things that allow you to see all the cute fluffy butt diapers and protect little legs at the same time.  I made as many little legs as diapers, I think! When cloth diapering is over or baby gets too big, what happens to all the baby legs? Some were passed on, but most of mine ended up in the dress up bin and don’t get used often. As I was cleaning up said dress up bin the other afternoon I had an epiphany! Somewhere in my internet browsing I came across doll tights from knee socks and I thought, “well I made all those baby legs from knee socks too! Time for a second repurpose!

I’m sure this is out there somewhere, but this is so easy I’m posting a pic tutorial.

First take one leg warmer and turn it inside out.

Next, if they are handmade, cut off the cuff. If they are store bought you can leave them as is.

Next mark three inches from the ‘waistband’.

Find the center, stitch up and down leaving about 1/4 inch in between.

Cut up the center and if they are store bought, you can leave as is and you have leggings.

Stitch down the ends and you have tights! Easy Peasy!

These fit all different types of 18 inch dolls

And there you have it, doll tights!

Happy Sewing!

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