Weekend Sewing: Repurpose – Tshirt > Doll Dress


I’m always moving clothes around. Half of the only walk in closet in my house is dedicated to my stores of hand me downs – 5 kids worth! (and my skinny clothes too!) This usually happens more near the end of seasons, but it’s pretty much a year round thing. I have friends with kids smaller or bigger than mine and we trade stuff endlessly, always making sure things are in use. Sometimes I end up with something that is stained or won’t fit anyone but the fabric is great and I turn it into something else. Which is what I did today!

Someone handed this down to me – and forgive me but I’m not sure who, as I recently got 3 different loads of girl stuff – and it’s stained but obviously the fabric rocks!

So I turned it into an 18″ doll dress!

Using Liberty Jane’s Polo Shirt pattern, I extended the sleeves to 3/4 instead of cap and added a 3 inch skirt. The skirt was about 30 inches long, gathered and serged onto the bottom of the tee. Initially I had used the hem of the shirt but it was sorta bulky and I opted for serging the edge and just folding it over and hemming that. Then I added a cute heart button over a grosgrain bow. Excuse the look of the hem, sometimes these little knit things need a run through the washer and dryer to cinch the fabric back up!

Super cute and easy peasy!

Happy Sewing!!

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