I have been eye bombed.

I always shudder when I have to shower while the kids are home and awake. I generally shower at night to avoid this, but it doesn’t always happen – yet the need to shower is ever persistent.

Today was no different. I shut the water off and could hear their laughter turn to whispers and shuffling feet. Ugh.

Upon exiting the bathroom their stifled giggles filled the room and I dreaded even walking to my bedroom lest I fall prey to a trap. These kids are conniving, I tell ya.

After and uneventful trip to my bedroom I came out dressed and in detective mode. Zack, Willow, Lucas and Raven sat on the couch still stifling giggles and I really expected to find one of the cats duct taped to something.

I keep a basket full of napkins and a bucket full of useful creativity/school stuff on the table all the time. The bucket holds scissors, pencils, sharpeners, glue .. general stuff the kids can use to do homework or occupy themselves (or dump things they don’t want to put away).

And they gave it a face!

I have no idea why they found this so hilarious, but it’s cute nonetheless! Now I can proudly join hundreds (tens?) of people all over the internet that have been googley eye bombed. And I am ever thankful it wasn’t something worse  -_-.





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