Weekend DIY: Indoor Clothesline on the Cheap!

So, we are on week three without a dryer. Not by choice mind you.

The past two years we have gone without a dryer from Thanksgiving to Christmas. This year is no different and I am not fond of the trend. However, I’ve got my big girl panties on and I’m making do.

Money is tight right now so we won’t be able to fix (or replace) the dryer until tax time and I’ve still got laundry for a household of 7 to do! I occasionally have the opportunity to run to my moms and dry a load, but with all the running around I already do that is really too much of a hassle. So I’ve been hanging things all over the house to dry. I have a small clothes drying rack and will hang things on hangers everywhere possible, but have been limited to little more than a load a day. I typically do 3 loads a day so it’s really been backing up.

Today I said NO MORE! I ran up to The Home Depot and got a spool of thin nylon rope and made myself a clothesline.

I had my husband put two large eye screws (which we already had) in the studs on one wall in the kitchen, like so:

We just happen to have slotted angle iron up on the other wall (where I hang my pots and pans) to attach my carabiner clips to, like so:

Obviously if you wanted to do this yourself and didn’t have a nifty pot rack already installed on your wall, you could use two more eye screws 🙂

Instant indoor clothesline!

I’ll admit it’s not all that pretty to look at (though my kids are enjoying the heck out of it) and it certainly can’t be up while cooking, but I can hang a LOT more now and get my 3 loads a day in! And when not in use I can wind the rope up and hang it on the eye screws. Plus, whenever we do get our dryer working again I will never have an excuse to not hang stuff – which will save us money!

Happy DIYing!


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