Weekend Sewing: Raglans!

It is decidedly fall here now. Windows are closed and cold weather gear is in full effect! 

Zack went on a Boy Scout camping trip this weekend which prompted me to seek out everyone’s fall clothes. My stores of hand-me-downs and large circle of friends with whom kid gear is regularly circulated have yet to let me down.. but occasionally I am lacking something. This season it was long sleeve shirts for Raven. Raven and Willow have totally different body types so even though they were both winter babies, sizes have occasionally been off and Willow’s old things don’t fit Raven in the right season.

So I pulled out my meager stash of knits (which needs some beefing up!) and made her some Raglans!

Using my favorite pattern, All the Rage Raglans, I made her two new tees. This pattern is quick and easy (which seems to be a theme with my weekend sewing), these two came together in under an hour from cutting to last stitch.

I did not hem at all, the unfinished edges were simply serged. In fact, these were entirely serged and partially upcycled. The sleeves of both came from two of my old tees and I utilized the lettuce edge on the pink sleeves!

Of course, Raven is napping at the moment – which is a rare event and I refuse to wake her! So, action shots when she wakes!
As usual, excuse the icky iPhone pics and Happy Sewing!

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