Weekend Sewing: Tea Cozies!

I had an absolutely wonderful day today! My bestie and I spent nearly the whole day together! (meaning I got out of the house without my kids!)

It’s almost her 40th birthday and I made a reservation at High SocieTea to do something nice for her! It’s an adorable tea house with THE best tea we’ve ever had and other scrumptious goodies. It is pure joy to sit there and enjoy an entire pot of delicious tea  and relax an chat. So enjoyable that we’ve decided to make this an annual thing!

I had been there once a few years ago, and upon entering this time I remembered how much I loved the cute tea cozies they had on every pot. I had made one for myself back then and decided I needed a new one.. or two.

So, I made two new ones! This celestial print is one of my absolute favorites, when I found it I purchased several yards so I would have it for a long time. I’ve made everything from diapers to dresses out of this print and now a brandy new tea cozy πŸ™‚

Also, in the spirit of my favorite season, pumpkins!

Both are reversible and instead of cotton batting I used polyester fleece so I wouldn’t have to quilt it. 

These take maybe 10 minutes to put together from cutting to last stitch. So simple even the beginner can do it.

I made my own pattern using one of my 16 inch pizza pans to get a perfect circle on cardboard. Then with one of my mixing bowls I found the center and turned the circle into an ‘apple core’.

Using about a fat quarter of two prints and the poly fleece I stacked them, cut, stitched and turned. Then I did a double row of stitching about half an inch apart at each curved end, picked the stitches out at the ends and ran ribbon through. Easy peasy. 

And now I’m going to enjoy some seriously good Herbal Hawaiian loose tea with my grams old tea pot nestled nicely in it’s new pumpkin cozy.

ETA 10/1/12: Aaaand I made one more πŸ™‚

This one is my new favorite! Cruddy pictures I know, sorry, one of these days I will get my real camera fixed and stop relying on the stinky iphone camera!

Happy sewing!


  1. Love them πŸ™‚ I have a whole tea cupboard but no one to enjoy it with. 😦 might have to try this. Guess what ? Fluffy goodness arrived in the mail today! Thank u your a life saver. When I get them on her I will take some pics πŸ™‚

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