Weekend Sewing, Wall Pockets!

Since school started a growing need for paper storage arose. Especially for Willow, kindergartners come home with mass amounts of papers, they keep those kids busy all day! So of course I don’t want to stuff everything she comes home with into recycling and I also don’t have enough room on the fridge for it all. I had this problem with the older kids, but I kept a folder and then I’d end up forgetting about it or starting another and things ended up sorta disorganized throughout the school year and I had to stop that madness right quick! So my kitchen is now adorned with 2 cute wall pockets. Simple simple simple, it’s just a turned and topstitched rectangle folded, sewn up the sides and stapled to the wall :).

So there ya have it, my half an hour weekend sewing, very useful wall pockets for school papers! Now I can stick everything they come home with in there, clip important things to the front and not have clutter on the table! Plus organization! Woot!!

Finally got some actual sewing done during National Sewing Month!

Happy Sewing All!

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