New Polish


I’ve been eyeing this polish for a long time. Coveting it more than any other color from any of my favorite lines. It’s kind of on the expensive side and even though I knew it would be worth it I would pause every time I saw it – and I saw it in every single store I went into!

Until a few days ago when I ran into CVS for their BOGO vitamin sale and could no longer resist! All Revlon nail stuff was on sale AND I had a coupon.. and it is SO worth it.

Did I ever mention that blue was my favorite color, THIS specific shade to be exact!

It’s Revlon’s Colorstay in Indigo Night 180 and I don’t ever want to take it off. I don’t even feel the need to dress it up with any art or glitter! 

The polish is beautiful, glides on smooth and dries very fast. Fast like by the time I get to my thumb my pinkie is dry enough to run over fabric! I think I like it more than O.P.I. but I’ll reserve that judgement till I see how it holds up over a few days! Also, since I was out of Out the Door topcoat and could not find it in stock at any local store I decided to try a new topcoat! EEK! 

I chose Orly’s Sec’n Dry and was once again pleasantly surprised! It’s not thick and actually did dry my polish down to the basecoat in 2 minutes! That is faster than Seche Vite and Out the Door put together – no matter how fast the polish dries on its own! Fast drying topcoat is essential for me, if I actually manage to squeeze in time to polish my nails I need them dry like yesterday because there is always someone begging me to tie a shoe or put a piggy tail in their hair – which would never bode well with wet nails! 

Happy polishing!


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