“Professional” Nail Products

I just need to take a minute and address something that has been bothering me about new nail polishes.

I’ll admit, the first time I saw the term ‘pro brush’ on a bottle of nail polish I was intrigued. I never had a problem with nail polish brushes before, but being a professional, I certainly wanted to check it out. I have three different brands with professional brushes and I thought I’d do a little review.

First up is Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry in Grape Going!. There was no indication that the brush was different than a standard one when I purchased this.

The brush is the same length as standard brushes but about twice a wide. The bristles were smooth which made for good application but it was awkward polishing with such a wide brush. However, if I had to pick one of the three it would be this one because the actual brush quality was supreme.
Next up is Wet and Wild’s Megalast in On a Trip/En Voyage. There was a sticker indicating the brush type on this bottle.
This brush is almost 3 times the size of a standard brush and the bristles are thick and unforgiving leaving lines with every stroke. Despite loving the actual polish in this bottle, the brush makes it almost impossible to apply. When I use this polish I apply with an old standard brush (I have a few cleaned from old empty polish bottles, just in case). I’m sure some will scoff that Wet n Wild is a crap polish, but the Megalast brand is quite good – sans the brush!
And lastly is Nicole by O.P.I.’s I’m a Pool for Love. Which did have a sticker on the bottle, though I didn’t notice it prior to getting it home because I’m such a sucker for nail polish and I love love LOVE this color.
I really dislike this brush, perfect stroke my you-know-what. It’s stubby with thicker bristles than O.P.I.’s standard brushes and it is almost as wide as the Insta-Dry brush. With this one it dragged lines across the nail and I found I needed to dip into the polish WAY more than with any other brush. Ever. I use an old brush for this polish too. I’m really disappointed with this one, O.P.I. is by far my favorite polish and I would have expected much better of them.
All in all, I do NOT like these so called ‘professional’ brushes. As a professional I found the wider thicker aspect to only be a hindrance and will never purchase another polish with this type of brush again. I can’t even understand how some group of people sat around and came up with this idea.. I don’t know, maybe someone out there finds these brushes useful – like my 5 year old daughter, because she can cover her little nails with one stroke.. haha – but not I! 
Happy Polishing!!
Oh and September is National Sewing Month! Though I haven’t done much more than hems and repairs, Happy Sewing too!!

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