NYC In a Minute Review

Ok, so I don’t really care for the cheapo NYC polish. The NYC line resembles what Wet ‘n Wild used to be except it’s not nearly as good – if you can believe that – I wont even buy their .98 polish. NYC’s fast dry polish line, In a Minute, has been around for a bit and I decided to try it even though I have never felt fast dry polish was any good – it’s usually thin and despite its name it stays mushy if you use more than one coat. This one proved to be no different.

However, I do love the color. It’s hard to capture but it’s like a rosy earthy grey and I had to use 3 coats to cover. To test the ‘quick dry’ nature of this I waited about 3 minutes between coats to try and avoid the mush, but even 25 minutes after last coat it was still mushy. I used Out the Door to cure it up and it’s fine now. Next time I will painting fast with a loaded brush when using this polish and go for 2 coat coverage instead.




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