Side Rail Refurb!


We recently got bunk beds for Willow and Lucas since they were long overdue for twin sized beds! I ended up having to put them up against a wall with baseboard heat and needed an extra side rail. I pulled the old Safety First one I had saved from Zack out of storage and put it to use once more.

It was hideously stained. It was one of the only things that survived the last flood and though I cleaned and dried it out it looked really bad.


I scrubbed it over and over but this was as good as it was getting, and that wasn’t good enough.

So I made a useful cover for it!

Much nicer right!?! It’s just a simple slipcover with an extra layer folded over and sectioned into 4 pockets that can fit books and toys and secret stuff all little girls have! It does not hinder the use whatsoever.

Makes a world of difference and Willow LOVES it! I love it too, I want a side rail for my bed now.. haha!


Happy Sewing!


  1. You’re welcome! I just got my sewing machine two wks ago, and just started trying to figure it out. I can’t wait to get a hang of it so that I can start making things like what you’ve created.

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