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Let’s Talk

I have changed my nail color no less than 5 times since I last posted about polish.. and I didn’t take a single picture because I broke two nails and they look icky.

But I absolutely love this color I have on and MUST share, the pictures don’t even do it justice the color is so intense. No art, just color…

Sinful Colors, Let’s Talk. Love love love this color. Love Sinful Colors – always covers in two coats, lasts long and has the most vibrant color for a ‘cheaper’ polish. As always Seche Vite on top because nothing is better, though I do like Out the Door for my toes because it dries a bit faster and since my tootsies don’t see as much action as my fingers they don’t need the thick Seche protection. I used Sally Hansen’s Triple Strong Gel as a base because it is awesome on natural nails – it is thick, dries strong and never lifts. While I love Essie’s First Base or All In One for their stickiness, they truly rule in adhering to polish but once you start washing your hands it tends to lift and I wash my hands at least 20 times a day!

I always forget to clean up my cuticles before taking pictures.. haha DOH!


One comment on “Let’s Talk

  1. catastrophicpixi
    July 7, 2012

    What do you recommend for cleaning the cuticles up?

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