Princess Swimwear

I want to preface this by saying that this is the most hideous stitching I have ever allowed anyone to see. Normally when I do a mockup of something I wait until I have a nice final piece to show.. but I’m working with limited fabrics and well, there’s a chance I’ll screw it up again.. haha

I was at my mothers house this afternoon taking a dip in the pool with my kids and discovered some old bathing suits tucked at the bottom of the basket my mother keeps the spares (all the old bathing suits come to rest here, it seems). A few happened to be in sizes that wont be used by any of the kids any longer and I had an idea!

Just a few days ago I came to discover that, even though I have a huge sack of barbie clothes, there wasn’t a usable bathing suit within! So I went through the process of looking for fabrics and whatnot to make ol’ barbie a swimsuit – then got distracted until this afternoon!

They decided they did not want barbie to have new bathing suits, but instead their princesses should have them. I discovered Liberty Jane Patterns a while back when searching for doll clothes and there happened to be a free swimsuit pattern I knew I could easily alter for the princesses – which is what I did.

The alterations were slight as the pattern was actually very well designed, I added a little skirt to Ariels but I really like Rapunzels the best.. probably because I loved that bathing suit on Willow when she was an itty bitty!

Let me tell you, sewing FOE onto swimwear spandex is obscenely annoying – WAY slipperier than any other fabric I have ever worked with. I should have remembered this when I made a bathing suit for myself back in high school, but I didn’t and I was cursing my horrid stitching the entire time I put these things together – even with the walking foot it just stretched and slipped around and I’m pretty sure I will not make another one of these anytime soon! I turned the brightness up a tad in the picture to hide the icky stitching .. hehe

My girls love them and will be taking them into the pool tomorrow :), that’s all that matters.

(ETA 7/10) Here’s are the princesses enjoying their new swimsuits in the pool!

Happy Sewing, stay cool!


  1. Do you have any advice or links for beginning sewing? I used to help my mom with sewing up until the end of middle school so I have limited knowledge. I’d love to be able to make some basic pieces for my daughter. 

  2. @greenwoman – Yes, YouTube. I learned to knit from videos on there, I’m sure you can find tons of sewing videos to help. Sewing with Nancy is great too, shes got lots of beginner projects out there, here is her site: I have a plethora of sewing information stuffed into my jumbled head also and can answer any question you may have.. Also Etsy is a great place to find simple beginner patterns.. I’m sure I can get some links together for you.. busy now, but I’ll try later!

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