Explorer Vests

School hasn’t quite ended yet and this summer is already shaping up to be full of adventures. The kids are searching for new places to explore and have packed at least one hike into every weekend for the last few weeks. We are fortunate enough to live within walking distance to Federal Hill which is packed with history and neat stuff to check out. They’ve found and been to The Cave with the Iron Door four times already! Needless to say, they won’t get bored with tromping through the woods any time soon.


Ryan, Zack and his friend Daniel at the Iron Door

I decided I needed to make the boys some hiking vests, something similar to a fishing vest without all the little tiny pockets. Something they could carry some necessities without the weight of a big pack. I searched the internet for patterns and ideas and I settled on Simplicity 2907. I got it in a size A which goes to a 4T and it’s easy to size up. It’s a good staple pattern with a collared button down shirt and pocketed pants/shorts and was under $5 in Walmart. I did not follow the pattern at all. I simply took out the shirt bodice/vest pieces – sans the collar – and drafted my own vest. I tapered the front and added some big elastic topped pockets and other little details that the boys love.


This one is Zacks, and below are some small details like the webbing loops, embroidered name and big pockets that were not included in the Simplicity 2907 pattern. The big pockets are the same design I have used for inner bag pockets or cup/bottle pockets. Very simple design, doubled up fabric topped with FOE stretched tight while sewing and then add a pleat at the bottom. You can really stuff them and they are the perfect size to hold the Camelbak kids better bottles that we love so much!




And of course, my silly faced models :). They adore their vests!

Happy sewing and happy exploring!

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