Scraps and Gathering

Anyone that sews or crafts has an inevitable pile of scraps. You know, those things that we know will be of some use at some point in the future, too small to do much with yet too big to toss. I REALLY try to use mine up and keep it down to a small bag, but recently it was getting out of hand!

I had 2 bags full and a small pile growing in the corner of my workspace – this was unacceptable! So I decided to make a patchwork.. something.. hopefully for myself and I decided on a tiered skirt. I recently made several tiered dresses for the girls and thought it would be cool to match. Unfortunately I was wrong, I totally looked like a clown in this thing! So now, after 3 days of cutting and ironing and sewing and gathering ::shudder:: oh the gathering – by the time I made it to the 5th tier it was over 20 feet long and I was getting a strange cramp in my shoulder – SO the girls now have a super awesome dress up skirt with a square of every single fabric I’ve ever purchased.. or at least a lot of it.. I think…

Pretty cool though..

Its unfinished, I need to serge the bottom and do something different with the waistband. At the moment I just ran some 1/4 inch elastic through it and tied it in a bow.. I’m thinking drawstring though, it’s rather heavy and slips down with the elastic.

Oh and my pesky overgrown scraps are now down to a nice managable bag:)

Fun stuffs! Happy sewing!

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