Apparently it’s Mother’s Day

Earlier today I was informed that tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I hadn’t even thought about it since I could care less, and since we don’t have cable I don’t see any commercials beckoning me to buy cards or flowers an whatnot.. so I didn’t realize. oops.

I won’t likely get anything from my monsters cause honestly I think its a stupid holiday and I won’t remind anyone, but since it was my own mama that reminded me I figure a gift is in order!

I sat here pouring over books and idea websites, rifling through my fabric.. maybe a card, maybe a bag.. ugg .. stupid holidays!!

Then I remembered; my Dad recently got her a Kindle Fire! Eureeka!! I shall make a little pouch for such device!!

And then I did.

I looked up the dimensions and drew up a pattern 6 inches wide by 8.5 inches long. 2 simple black and white fabrics, a little bamboo batting, some touchtape and black FOE!

WaaLaa! Happy Mother’s Day Ma!

Excuse the craptaculous pictures, I tried – honest, but the table was in use as Legotopia in earthquake mode.


It’s fully padded, even the pocket, for extra protection and I used touchtape instead of snaps or a button so that nothing would scratch the screen.

I was rushed and trampled on while working, and even though I had a nice turned and topstitched design in my head I think the FOE looks nice and it only took me about 40 minutes from cutting to last stitch. I hope she likes it.


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