The end of an era – The Total Diaper De-Stash

Raven is fully potty trained now, only using her super undies at night just in case. Which is sorta bitter-sweet for me. She hasn’t used a diaper in over a month but I haven’t even moved them off their shelf until today! I swept every single diapering item I could find into a laundry basket and just sat looking at it..

What do I do with all of this!?!

I really don’t feel like photographing and listing all of this.. half of it I’d like to just give away! It’s ALL still usable for something, though there are a couple things that need elastic.


Here are all of my coveted pre-fitteds. Most of these are pictured new in my pre-fitted tutorial. Some of them are well worn and in ‘play condition’ but all of them are all still great dipes! I think only one has shot elastic. All of these went through three of my children in some manner.. Much as I don’t want to give these up, I’d like someone to use them.. and the super worn ones I’d give FFS!

25 or so prefolds, most are DSQ infant sized but there are a couple handmade hemp/cotton flannel ones and a couple regular sized ones. I used these with snappies an pins until they didn’t fit and then stuffed pockets with them.

Ahh my pockets.. man I will miss these too. There are 2 BG’s in here with semi-shot elastic, 2 Blueberry minkee pockets, 1 Blueberry pocket all front snapping. There are also 2 Blueberry sidesnapping AIO’s with semi-shot elastic.. all still usable. The rest were all made by me, mostly side snapping, but there are a few with touchtape. There are two Ooga colorways in there, both are pretty worn as they were favs.

Fitteds, was never a huge fan of these.. just could never find a combo of fabrics that worked better than my good ol prefitteds. These were all handmade by me.

The one lone cover.. this is an original Thirsties large cover. I swore I had an orange one around here, though I may have passed it on to someone already.. and that’s it, my entire remaining stash. I only know of one person I can farm some of this stuff out to. See anything you like? Make me an offer. Know of someone in need? Please let me know!! I really just want it out of the house and in use.. seems wasteful just sitting here!



  1. Too bad I don’t live closer. I’d love to be able to look at it. We can’t make any big expenses right now, unfortunately so I suppose it doesn’t matter. Maybe just use these pictures on Craiglist and tell people they can come look at the stash if they want. I would list some sort of price range you would like, if you go that route so people don’t try to say…… $20 for all of it!

  2. @catastrophicpixi – Are you in need of dipes? I will totally send you some FFS if you are. I’m not all that concerned with making money off them, they have paid for themselves twice over, seriously! I will probably list the blueberry’s on spots, 3 of them are fairly new.. but the rest, I kinda want to help someone out ya know? Twice before I did  lotto drawings on diaperswappers and cafemom for moms in need and made several donations to Miracle Diapers before it changed..and once I saw half of the things I donated for sale on spots! grr.. I know there are people in need out there but its hard to find legit ones..

  3. @hatcherbee – We haven’t made any purchases yet since it’s still fairly early and I have been hesitant because of my losses. But hubby and I both are committed to using cloth when our baby comes around. My email is if you want to email me or send me your email. I can send you my address and we can see how much shipping would be.

  4. I still have one that I got from you!!! with the fleece outer. I love it. It works well. I cant wait till mine are no longer in dipes! but I still have a ways to go with my youngest

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