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Baby Shower Gift!

Now that it’s over and there is no fear of spoiling the surprise, I can share the gift I made for Ryan’s cousin Kim’s baby shower!

I let my girls pick both the fabric and what to make. The pink leopard print is one of their faves and has been used in many other projects.. and Hello Kitty is a fanatical fave in this house.. haha we spent maybe 5 second looking at fabric before they decided HK was the only way to go! The dress is of course their favorite style, peasant, with my ‘grow-with-me’ alterations that make it last super long!

This is probably my favorite diaper of all time.. I’m sad to see it go even though I no longer have a use for diapers here 😦

It is a multi-sized side-snapping pocket diaper with tan microsuede inner and a hidden layer of PUL beneath the HK cotton print which should fit from 15lbs to potty training.

I hope she likes it, even if she keeps it around only for emergencies or uses it unstuffed like bloomers.. or even as a swim diaper!

2 comments on “Baby Shower Gift!

  1. Kazadeelee
    May 12, 2012

    that is so cute!!!!

  2. liz
    August 1, 2012

    the hello kitty gift is just so cute!

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