New Super Undies!

It’s that time again! Potty training my littlest baby! She’s halfway there, pretty much day trained and wakes up dry most mornings too. I kinda slacked with her, didn’t really want to let go of my last baby.. or my dipes! Which I’m going to have to do since Raven won’t wear them anymore :(. She turned 2 in November and I really didn’t really mention the potty until it got warmer, since she’s been wearing a dress almost every day it makes going to the bathroom TONS easier! She went here and there since then, but just recently decided she wants to be a big girl like her sister :).

So I had to make some new super undies. The ones I had saved from Willow are kinda shotty, though they still do the job, and she’s grown out of the ones that were Lukes. These are still from the Tinkle Time Trainer pattern, it is a modified size 4/5 (for her ghetto booty) with a lower rise in the front and custom measured elastic.. perfect fit for my Gravy.

I let her pick some fabrics and got to work late last night. These are just for day use, all lined with cotton velour and topped with cotton/poly blends. I’ve done something different with the soakers though, no more synthetics and I’m done with hemp as well. It’s 3 layers of cotton batting quilted together and attached to the velour. I used to use zorb sandwiched between flannel for my trainers, and even microfiber, but they end up stinking and losing their absorbency over time. I’ve come to find prefolds and cotton batting to be the best. I did try prefolds in the trainers, but they end up heavy and take too long to dry for something meant to feel like underwear. Before Raven stopped wanting to wear diapers I was just using my prefitteds for day and stuffing pockets with infant prefolds for outings and night – they have always been the best, cheapest and easiest to wash. I’m really going to miss my dipes…

But here are the new super undies! Raven requested I use an old shirt (the black print with the heart flowers) and I’m really happy with the way they turned out. (excuse the Ninjago battle going on behind them)

I have a ton of plush white FOE and didn’t even bother digging through the tangled mess of my FOE bag for coordinating elastic.. fortunately it looks nice on them all.

The old ones look tired, but they are still holding on!

Nothing more awesome than a nice stack of fluff!


  1. wow. I cant believe she is 2. i remember when she was born!!! I have a ton of FOE if you want it. FFS. let me know. I have a ton of colors and some have prints on them!!!

  2. @lilms_sassy – I used to. In September I’ll have one more kiddo in school and I’m going to try and stock my store again, but for now I just don’t have the time or supplies for business. There ate lots of mamas out there making trainers over on and, just search for cloth trainers or tinkle time trainers 🙂

  3. @Jerkazadee – Oh my gosh yes!! I never bought the patterned ones before, only plain and glittered. I already used the pink paw print one for the waistband on matching shorts for my girls. Thanks again!

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