All over the internet I’ve been seeing articles, posts and comments relating to how much a stay-at-home-mom actually works.

From the people who think moms sit home eating bonbons all day to the people who think moms are the be-all end-all authorities on work, I find it all very amusing.

In my 18 years of parenthood I’ve pretty much run the gamut on working/being home situations. I spent many years as a single mother, working while my oldest sat in daycare/school/babysitter’s care. Spent another few years working from home and actually being there for him. When my husband and I got together we both worked, then there was a time when just I was working. For the last five years though, he has been our sole breadwinner. Sure I’ve contributed with web clients, custom sewing orders and Swagbucks (which technically makes me a WAHM) – not to mention the supposed menial job of running a household with 5 kids and a husband, but financially he’s got our backs.

It’s hard to say what was hardest because ‘hard’ can be taken so many different ways. Having to leave my oldest while I went to work because I had NO other choice was pretty tough, my heart ached for years. Plus, all the housework and errands had to be done by me as well.. not the easiest.

What I do now is exhausting. Every second I’m awake is marked with a task and sleep isn’t always an option. It’s not all bad though, I get to sit down and eat every meal with my kids. I get to play games with them, teach them things and watch them grow without pause. Some people would say that’s not work, it’s a responsibility – I don’t see much of a difference. I’ve got to get up and do everything no matter what, otherwise it doesn’t get done.

Am I not working because most of my days are more enjoyable than they were when I worked 60+ hours a week outside my home?

Being a SAHM is more physically and emotionally demanding than anything else I’ve ever done in life, but it’s also the most rewarding. I’m satisfied with what I do, I actually enjoy taking care of my children and making sure my husband, who works 7 days most weeks, has everything he needs all the time. I’m grateful I can be here for them and I feel this is exactly what I’m supposed to do.

It is absolutely baffling to me how rude people can be to each other over this subject, it’s all ‘I’m better than you, nanny nanny poo poo’. All over some stupid political bologna. Everyone knows what’s better for everyone else. I can’t wait for the apocalypse… hopefully there will be zombies.


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