Mozz Yo.

What did my husband and I do yesterday? We made fresh mozzarella cheese!

The bakery my husband works for is like the most awesome place on earth. Our family has benefited from it’s awesomeness a million fold since he started working there nearly two years ago. To say he get’s fringe benefits is putting it mildly and I am ever grateful we were so blessed when he found this job.

Yesterday he came home with a block of milk curd bigger than both of our heads put together!

Making mozzarella cheese is surprisingly easy, and FUN! All it takes is milk curd, boiling water (and lots of it) and salt.

You chop up the milk curd.

Toss it into a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Add some salt, which we just eyeballed each time, and begin folding it all together.

I used wooden spoons to manipulate it until it was gooey and stringy.. you can use your hands, but it’s HOT!

Then I pulled pieces off with my hands to stretch and shape it into balls.

We did better towards the end, clearly this is a learned art, but even the funky looking ones made yummy cheese!

We placed the hot cheese into cold water to cool.

Then after about half an hour placed it all on a towel to dry for a few minutes.

All wrapped up! Now what the heck are we going to do with all this cheese!?!

Fresh mozz anyone?



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