Current Obsession: Nail Art!

Most people don’t know this about me (or they forgot due to my lack of doing it in recent years) but once upon a time I went to beauty school! Way back in 1992 I obtained a licence to manicure in the state of New Jersey. I worked in a couple salons for a minute and out of my house for a bit longer. And then I moved on to other things.

I never lost my love of nail polish, I think it just slid to the back burner during my last 3 back to back pregnancies. Thanks to the internet though, I’ve been seeing tons and tons of cute nail art pop up all over the place and am newly inspired! About a year and a half ago I let my license lapse but I am happy to say it is freshly reinstated and I have some promising part time work oportunities OUTSIDE of my house!

SO, all that said, I’ve been indulging in my love of polish and nail art and have been posting my own pictures on my facebook.. but I thought I really should put them here for all to see, right? Of course!

I always change my polish on Sundays (sometimes sooner) and here is my latest:

I found this cute tutorial on Craftster a few weeks ago and decided to do it today. I used acrylic paint instead of polish like in the tutorial though.

Here’s a rundown from bottom to top:

Essie All In One Base
white acrylic paint
rainbow stripes acrylic paint with striper brush
Essie All In One Base again
Sally Hansen Crackle in black
Seche Vite

Here it is before the crackle:


and after:


Of course it needs to be cleaned up a bit, but I’m loving it already! 🙂

As always happy sewing, happy polishing and happy DIYing!



  1. I secretly want to do my own nails again.But, shhhhh, its a secret!But whatever I do certainly wouldn’t look as nice as that.~Random Comment~

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