… and Rapunzel too …

Right before bedtime last night my sweet Raven used her extra sad face to get Rapunzel a new dress like Ariels!

Of course I obliged since it was super fast to put together and any excuse to sew is a good one!

Once I finished it and put it on Rapunzel, however,  Raven decided she didn’t like it because it wasn’t purple! So Ariel got another new dress..

I used the same raglan pattern. This one is all white, re-purposed from an old turtleneck with a layer of pink netting on the skirt.. because I thought it would be flattering on Rapunzel – and it was.. but well…

Both of these dolls have similar body sizes so I was able to make them the same size. I took advantage of the hem on the turtleneck for the skirt too. This fabric is not very forgiving after sewn, so it looks a bit boxier than it will after it is washed.

I just adore these dolls and love making clothes for them!

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