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A New Dress for Ariel

I havn’t been sharing much lately.. havn’t been as crafty as I’d like either! It’s a combination of winter blues and my sewing machine STILL being fixed :(.

Well this morning Pants, my cat, climbed my fabric shelves and knocked down my entire stash of stretch knits! I’m pretty sure he just wanted to sit on the shelf, but I convinced myself he was trying to tell me to make something. So I grabbed some pink velour and a striped knit and pulled out my trusty raglan pattern, which can be completely made on my trusty serger! There is a dolly version bundled up with this awesome pattern made to fit 15″-18″ dolls like American Girl and Disney Princess & Me. With some small alterations I made a cute little dress for Willow’s Princess and Me Ariel doll! While Ariel is a bit slimmer than the American Girl Dolls, she is the same size proportionately so I really only took it in about a half inch on the sides.. Oh, just a note for anyone with this doll looking to make or even buy clothes specifically made for the American Girl doll (and her knock offs) – her feet are skinnier than AG dolls so if you are looking to make shoes from a pattern styled for AG they need to be taken in a tad too.

I serged the edges with some pastel rainbow thread instead of hemming, which sometimes I prefer. Excuse the wrinkles in the velour.. sometimes I just need to create something without following all the rules like ironing! 🙂 I think Ariel likes it and I feel much better.. a dolly dress a day keeps the winter blues away.. haha

I still can’t rave enough about this pattern, it is my go to for shirts, hoodies and romper dresses like this one for all my kids.. and their dolls! Raglans really are my favorite style shirt and are almost as easy to put together as pants! With only minimal alterations you can create an entire wardrobe from this one pattern!

2 comments on “A New Dress for Ariel

  1. sailing5
    January 18, 2012

    Cute! I’ve been sewing doll dresses too! I must check out this link! Very nice!

  2. hatcherbee
    January 23, 2012

    @sailing5 – Thanks! Making little dolly things is almost as addicting as diapers! Haha

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